SN Products


One of the things that I noticed is that a lot of folks “push” products on people to make sure they “sell, sell, sell,” and yep money is good, but money is the by-product of people buying into your world. So, that is the goal.

When I launch a story, I will launch products accordingly. That means when the updated version of Judgment…The Calling comes out I will introduce T-shirts, caps, and most of all Dye Sublimation Hoodies. But, they will be limited in number due to some of this stuff is expensive to make.


I know the next question, “…man, you should do POD (Print on Demand). No! Why? Because I want whatever leaves here with my little comic companies name on it to be “amazing!” That means, I will inspect, and make sure that whoever does my printing will know “exactly” what I expect, want, and how they need to feel. Plus, I will make sure that the quality of my products is first vs. quanity.

The Store

It is coming soon, I will drop a line when comics and products are ready.

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