Judgment The Calling – Characters

Let’s get right into it. 

These character descriptions are for the online version. The graphic novel that SN will produce will have a more detailed version of the “all” the cast of characters. 

Not another comic hero

I really did not want to make a predictable hero. I think that all the superpowers and the brute force is so typical and played out within the superhero genre comic arena.

In the comic world I believe that the writers and the developers had sort of a General Motors type of existence. Same kind of character wrapped in a different package or characters that were only going to be for one cycle and then written off. 

I think graphic novels (disruptors like Tesla was for the car world) were part of the change that made some of the larger developers and publishers wake up and understand that there is something new and people like it. 


These types of companies showed that there is a hunger for something new, creative, visionary and dynamic writing and art. These disruptor types were not the “Buick” or Chevrolets and since they thought out of the box they made amazing products. 

The Watchmen was one of those products. It messed up a lot of comic universes with their publishing and some of the characters made the old school developers wake up and take notice of characters that were so unique that the big titles had to take notice of them. Dr. Manhattan was such a character.

My questions for the big publishers was, why not Heaven and Hell? Why not talk about eternal beings and how they use human existence as a chess board? 

Not angels with wings, demons fighting priest and guys with guns and swords. But, some real stories that make the reader “question.”

I know there have been stories about demons and how Constantine messes with lower level imps and uses spells and incantations to push the lower level guys around, and Dr. Strange deals and messes with some principal based demons, but what else? 

Fourth Dimension

In my mind the fourth dimension is the playing field that overwrites all universes in the comic genre. Du to if you are a being of any level, then you have to be born, hatched or created from the rules that were defined by a higher presence. Or if you were created or appeared, you had to have an origin. 

This higher presence must exist any and all places and that presence must be Omnipresent and Omnipotent with any and all universes.

Another Preacher?

Wait! I am not preaching, just telling you the thoughts and facts that come to my mind.

In all of our cultures and beliefs we have heard of stories; read books, studied through text, learned from our parents, or have heard about a deity that is all powerful and has a significant presence in our lives and culture. 

These stories have to have some validity and they have to come from something or someone. 


Wars, conflicts and issues from our beliefs have decimated this planet. There has to be a real reason as to why people do the things they do when something as simple as a belief can turn words into physical action and destruction of people and places happens.

But, what about the forces behind those stories? What about demons, imps, and the hierarchy of evil? In addition, what about the angelic side of the coin? What about angels, spirits and those entities that are trying to guide you in the right direction?

This is why I made the Secular…Nought Comics. I was not happy that there was not this complex and huge volume of stories of doctrines and faiths that did not have some person or heroes messing around in it as a full-time series.

So, I made it up and wanted to share with the reader how I see the spiritual world and how I envision some of the attributes that are connected to it.

Brown people

Also, one of the things that I do use in this comic is a lot of other nationalities and cultures for people to play the leading roles. Black, Mexican and Hispanic, Italian, Middle Eastern and others along with White characters to make this cultural salad of a comic. 

That being said, I would like to introduce the main characters of Secular…Nought, Judgment – The Calling.


Name: Judgment

Ht: 6’5″

Wt: 360lbs

Water color of Judgment

This is an oil painting of an artist that I happened to meet while in Wyoming.  Great concept and imagination.


Judgment (Shammus Jackson) is a normal family man who was selected to carry the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10…) into battle against the Forces of Evil (F.O.E.). This selection was at a significant price, not just in terms of human value, but of dimensional importance.

More than one

The Judgments are selected since the beginning of time and they are behind the scenes intermediaries for life around creation. They have carried many shields around on their chest (The Cross is for this Earth) and they have had to remain in the shadows of the spiritual and natural realms due to the human and humanoid products were not mature enough in the development of their spirits to handle their presence in existence.

But this time something has changed and the Judgment and the rules have been rewritten. This battle is for the survival of all morality and has dimensional implications for the universe. 


Judgment has received the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10) and has been commissioned to defend the pathways (Voids) from the Rulers, Authorities and against the Powers of these dark worlds.

F.O.E has discovered a way to travel between dimensions and their physical presence on a human plane would bring catastrophic, Armageddon types of calamities if gone unchecked. 

His task is to defend and if needed battle, in any realm the F.O.E. and send them back to their places of origin. 

Since he is human, he has weaknesses and he is vulnerable, but that is to be discussed in the comic

Name: Sin

Ht: 10”

Wt: 4,500lbs


Sin is the ultimate leader of the Forces of Evil (F.O.E, War, Death, and Temptation) and his very presence out of his chambers brings confusion, and chaos into any world or universe. 

He is the culmination of the sin of man or beast. We know him through his low-level tactics of being evil.  But Sin is crafty. He uses manipulation, lying, blackmail, and whatever else he feels like, to make his victims commit sin and alter the timeline to his desires. 

Voids are the key

He is a dimensional being with immense power. In is physical form if he was to pass to a natural realm without a Void would cause confusion on a scale that cannot be described. He could only appear for a short while before he is cast back to his dominion. This is why he is seeking a Void that will allow him to manifest from one dimension to the next.


Name: War

Ht: 8″

Wt: 2500lbs



War is an aggressive spirit that leads other demons and imps to carry out his plans. He appeared on the earth as a conflict within small tribes. But, he grew to have a physical timestamp within human literature. 

But, many of Earth’s origin documents are still lost, and those occurrences that happened prior to the Great Flood are yet to be rediscovered.

War has very few who can equal his strength, knowledge, and power. His forces that reside under him know the power that War holds. Even his own troops have tried to capture the throne he has kept for eons, but none have succeeded.


Name: Death

Ht: 8’0″-13”

Wt: Unknown



Death is a spirit of no hope and mortal sin (suicide). He whispers in the ears of his victims, egging them on to end their lives. By doing this, he also cancels out any plans that God has for them in the future. He prides himself on prematurely destroying life and handing the victim’s loved ones an unbearable situation.

Not sure how powerful

Death is powerful. He is not just a one-to-one direct spirit, but he can release imps and demonic forces into a situation that will cause havoc and chaos. He, insights fear and anger and accelerates the irrational actions of beings to hack on the whispers. 

Death can project any type of voice into your subconscious. Along with this, he and can “hypnotize” people into carrying out or inciting radical and heinous events thus shifting people away from normalcy and into chaos.

Much like Sin and War, his presence is only from what we can decipher from the Great Flood Documents. 


Ht: 9’6″

Wt: Unknown lbs.

Origin: Outer rims of the galaxy


Sentinel is a mercenary. They have a backstory, but his tribe’s whole purpose (Sentry Vreeslose) in life is to protect the Voids; battle demons, Rulers, Authorities, and Principalities (you may want to look up those three words) of the 4th Dimensional Voids.

Plus, when they are not busy they take care of their home planet Primaria, a habitable planet that circles the (bigger than Earth) Great Planet of Jax like a moon.

The folklore about the Sentry comes from a promise of a human mother and a Hybrid type Nephilim father (Maltuse) along with a small group of repenting Hybrid type Nephilim during a period of great stress. There are many people and scholars who only wish they knew and understood who these Nephilim were and how many of them repented under the original Falling. 

But, they are not heartless. They are extremely family-oriented and underneath all the biometal, they are large humanoid beings that love and have families and are very grounded to the planet and are more like the characters in the movie Avatar.

Additional Graphics

Imp in the snow
demon noticing something
demon type walking away

Gig Hitchhikers


Have you have picked up a hitchhiker and wanted to know their story? Why is that person all the way out here, or what in the hell is this dude got going on? 

Okay, imagine that he Jason from Friday the 13th or that he is a little off. But, just a regular Joe walking down the highway and out in the middle of nowhere.

I wonder that sometimes when I see a person walking on the side of the road with their stuff, a guitar and or just their back pack and a dog or something. Where have they been and where are they going?

One time when I was in Canon City, Colorado we were working as Zip Line Guides (that was one of the funniest jobs I ever did) for this organization and we met a man from Italy, Lorenzo. Lorenzo was a photographer and professional kayaker and he would take these insane pics of people who were going down the white water rafting trips. He would get them in action poses and a lot of pics were of people falling out of the boat and for some reason those sold a lot for him. But, we instantly hit it off and we (my wife and I) would have him over at the house, feed him, let him hang out and just talk to this dude. 

Lorenzo (with his shoulder length dreads) had been traveling for 18 years and he had been gone from Italy since he was 16. WTF? He would tell us stories of his adventures, show us his tattoos (from the bottom of his chin to the last knuckle on his toes) from around the world, show us his picks from Nepal and from parts of Asia that I cannot even pronounce. But, Lorenzo hitchhiked his way around the world. No 9-5. No one to answer to, just freedom and the opportunity to explore and be free and work when he needed. 

Now, he had problems when it came to traveling, but they were not like life threatening or put him in too much danger.

I picked up a hitchhiker a couple of days ago. I gave him a ride and a Sonic Slush and we talked and had a great conversation. He was a guitarist who has been playing for about 20 plus years and was on his way to go and find some work and to get out of the hole he was in. All I did was give him a lift and a drink and listened. 

The opportunity to meet, greet, talk and learn was immeasurable. It opened my eyes to what I believe is an issue for some developers and talent out there. 

Like many site owners, or blogger or whatever you may be, when it comes to talent it can be hard to find and connect with the right people at a price that you can afford. There are a lot of people who travel and hitchhike to make a living and there are a lot of people with dreams and desires to make the next big thing, there is just a talent match that needs to happen or a bridge that needs to be laid.

There are a number of places on the Internet that will allow a hitchhiker to rest, make some money and find a little stability while they do what they want. Places like Deviant Art, Directory of Illustration, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Patreon and a few others are the mainstays of the industry. These beasts cater to the artistic talent world and the “Gig” type of talent. 

That Gig Talent is part of the Gig Economy, which is the new way that they describe the Freelancers of this time and space. But, the most impressive thing about this is, we are seeing a morphing of a type of talent into a real world meaning for talented people who are hitchhiking there way to freedom, or march to the beat of their own drum.

So, understanding this, I thought about what that means for me and my small company. I like hitchhikers or Gig (Giggies) or Gig People, and how can my small company be a part of this thing?

When people travel they get a chance to stay in camp grounds or sometimes in hostels for cheap. So, with a little play on words I would like to create a Gig Hostel where artists or talented individuals (tech dudes as well) that need a place to rest can work out a mutual agreement, or barter for services and space or something.

Now, I am not talking about building an IPO or doing something insane like the cra cra stuff that WeWork is doing (not sure that is going to work). But, a place to work, rest and whatever comes along.

Place your work on a site, stay temporarily, do some work for the host site, host your work, get a reference or make some coin and move on. Not sure how it works, but I would like to flesh this out and make something unique. Not an internship, but something unique.

A great example of this is WWOOF or World Wide Opportunities to Organic Farming. They do some cool stuff and people can see the world.

In my little space on the Internet, I could benefit from a couple of Gigsters, Gig People or whatever the may be called. My needs represent where I am at in my business and where I am trying to go. I can only imagine that there are people out there with skills that match my needs, and there are things that I have that can help them as well.

Gig Help

  • WordPress Developer/PHP and stuff
  • Comic Artist
  • SEO / Marketing person
  • Creative Content person / writer with a specific gift of gab

So, there is my pitch. I would LOVE to hear from you regarding this subject and to hash out something unique and real. If you want to share it, please do.



Putting it in motion

SN is the thing that has resonated in my mind for over 20 plus years. It is what I think about when I see something cool or hear a noise. I think of scenes when I hear a song on the radio or I see some kind of art and so on. 

This gift or curse is what I know that I was “Called to do”. To bring something as abstract and controversial as a guy with powers from God to the attention of the comic world.

Yes, there are many heavenly characters out there…but they lack imagination and creativity. I have had to years to see some of these characters and their labels to make the statement that I make. I know what is under the hood of their titles and believe/know my brand will be significant.

But, why is it controversial?

God is as controversial and whether you believe in a higher power or not. This belief of whether or not there is a higher power gives way to religion, versions of religion, profits and then the whole thing of mine is better than yours BS. 

My goal is to entertain and not convert. I do not care what you believe or who or what you worship. I am not selling Jesus, nor am I selling the faith I am introducing my vision of a hero that has specific gifts…that’s it. 

I struggle with my own faith and I struggle with the “Church” and the BS that goes on with it. But, the goal and the focus of this concept is to talk about how the fourth dimension of the known dimensions, that there is a significant universe of amazing and beautiful beings that we have no idea about. Beings that are so powerful that just a suggestion of their presence on Earth in our three dimensions could upset all of humankind and through us back to 100’s, 1000’s or 100,000’s years. 

This thing that I write about is not on the radar screen of everyday conversation. Even in the church or the religious halls, these things are not talked about.

A scene of giants in a battle scene. In many historical texts, there were different sizes of giants.
A picture of Atlantis. Was supposed to be this amazing place. Ancient philosophers talked about this place as if it was New Jersey.

To prove a point, go and ask your religious groups leader about the beginning of the world. Ask them about giants and fallen angels. Then ask about how many civilizations were there before the Flood and what happened to Atlantis? 

Ask just simple things and their answers may have you asking a whole lot of questions. 

There is something here and it is not a scientific topic nor is it as mainstream as it should be. But, regardless of what the world, media, scientist or the various spiritual groups out there, I write about beings in a realm that we hear rumors of and the beings in it are so powerful that it can manipulate our physical lives by just coming close. 

To prove another point; we have all heard of a ghost story, read about demon possession and everyone knows someone who has had some episode with the spiritual realm that has left them confused, scared or understanding that they there is something out there that we do not understand. In fact, there are TV Shows (most of them fake) that talk about investigating these phenomena and how people are unsure as to what it is.

Man Ghost Busters was a hit movie, c’mon…Ghost Busters.

That is the thing that keeps me up at night and dreaming of the stuff that makes me want to write about and bring my vision to light.

Making this SN Brand

The SN Brands first comic is Judgment the Calling. It is a huge message tied up in a little comic that talks about how “everyone” has a Calling in their life. I do not care as to what it is or how important someone thinks it is, everyone has a Calling and it is like a Butterfly effect on one life and another life and how they domino towards the end and they impact one another.

The Calling is a story of how a man is thrust into a super dimensional battle of Heaven and Hell and how this battle will take him to different lands, countries, planets, universes and beyond. This story is the second of the series and the Calling is setup up to how the series goes. 

the SN Logo

Man, it is a huge undertaking and I am so ready for it. Deadend jobs, unfulfilled work, a lot of people in the world that had no business leading me and a number of decisions to a life that sucked, but brought me here. I am just ready to get it on and I know what it is going to take.


The title mentions Focused…My Way. It means that the way that I create this brand is not going to be the same way that businesses have done in the past. I am not the guy who is going to use all the business trending ideas, maps, and professional services and tried and true business models. I am not doing this to be a Forbes 100 business, I am doing this to finally capture my Gifts and my Calling and run this thing like I was supposed to – with reckless and unrelenting passion, creative vision focused on my craft and a no-excuse mentality with limited brakes on this beast.

When I get this thing moving, I am not going to stop it. I am only going to steer it. I believe that I have to crash through a number of neighborhoods in order to get to the open waters to chart my own course. In fact, take any action car chase scene that you want and see how hero or villain will wreck a town, downtown shopping area or some populated area to add an effect of determination. My goal is not to kill anybody, but I will go through some industries and make some noise on my way to the uncharted openness that I need to really make this thing take off. 

Focused. We are going to have to be focused on creating the most original stories that can come out of my brain. We are going to have to focus on creating the best and most appealing, most imaginative graphic arts and pieces that our little side of the industry has seen. We have to operate on our own terms and believe in our own goals in order to create something that is not here.

Many folks say that there is already a Christian comic book market and we are nothing new or industry-disrupting. 

First, we are not writing in Christian markets. 

Early on in my history with SN, I tried to market the comic as a faith-based comic and to communicate to the Mardels and other Christian themed retailers. I sent samples, comics, shirts, and other items in the hope of getting shelf space and a contract. What I got were denial letters and comments that said, “…we are not sure what market to put you in”, or “….we do not have a need for this” and so on. The best one was, “…we do not have a market for this. We follow the secular market in youth apparel and youth entertainment and we do not see this marketed in their markets.” 

WTF!? Are you serious? I had so many letters like that I actually kept them as motivation. I kept all of them up until about four to five years ago and then was like screw them, time to move on. 

Rejection after rejection led me to think, “…well damn, maybe this is not good and I need to rethink things.” It took a number of years for me to start to rethink my thoughts and to brush off that market snafu and think to myself that they missed the boat and I would make them really rethink that decision later on. 

I am not mad at them, just realized big box stores, whether they are Christian or not, do not put their buying powers on untested products. So, I needed to either become a household name or rewrite how I sold my product to customers. I decided to do both, but on my terms and after some years of figuring that out, I am here starting the engine once again. 

Steve Jobs…laser-focused

Never been a big fan of Apple or Steve Jobs, but I have come to recognize how Focused Jobs was. 

Jobs much like many ultra-successful people in the world have this laser point focus on their craft and they let nothing get in their way. 

Jobs was one of these humans that I have started to read and learn more about. “Make it Simple” was one of his focused points that resonates with me in 2019. He was able to focus Apple in the early days into this machine that created and gave the world his vision of tech for the common man. 

Much like Ford with the car, Jobs did the same thing with tech in the hands of the common man. So for me to take all of this blogging, contractor, artist, website designer, agencies, domain names, customers, products, sales metrics and so on is monumental for me. But, I just bounce that saying in my head repeatedly and try to whittle that down to what Jobs said, “…make it simple.” 

But, how can I make it simple? Well, that is the journey that I am going on and you are more than welcome to look over my shoulder as I ramble down the road towards my goal. 

Why is this comic any different than anything that Marvel, DC or the other BIG BOX Producers have?

I grew up reading comics, but I hated the old General Motors (Buick, Chevy, Oldsmobile, etc.) versions of characters; Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, X-Men, and other characters. They were all the same thing over and over again and their stories were predictable.

Early on I gravitated towards alternate comics that held my attention; Power Man, Rom the Spaceknight, Hulk, Iron Fist, Swamp Thing, Silver Surfer, and even DareDevil. They represented the realness of people, community and what being a hero was all about. 

All these dudes were not about huge money, gadgets, incredible tech or unimaginable superpowers (well Silver Surfer is another story entirely).

 They took care of a place or a community and they were citizens of their area. Now Batman took care of Gotham, but there was no way that I could relate to a dude. 

Then there was Flash, who was fast and could run and do all these things while running. Just was so far fetched it just did not resonate. First, it struck me that Flash was again a white guy. Why in the hell would you do this? That is like saying Native Alaskans would be better at the hunting Gazelles and African animals than the Native Africans that lived there. Uggg..! I get it, if you make the vehicle, you can drive it the way you want and sell it to whomever you want. I get it. 

So…I am going to make my own vehicle and drive it and sell it the way that I want.

But, one of the biggest things that bothered me was there were very few super heros that resembled me and my community of being Black, and being in and around Brown People. 

Power Man was one of the few Black guys (yes there was Black Panther). Iron Fist who you would think would be Asian was a white guy. But, he hung out in the inner city with Power Man, so I could relate with him with the whole Heroes for Hire concept.

Even further, there was the same skill set for heros. It became super redundant and the same recurring theme in all the comics.  There was brute force powers, mystical powers, alien and superintelligence. In addition, there were very few heroes that were not white guys, not rich, not business owners, not entrepreneurs, or some type of doctor, lawyer or financier adventurist. 

If you really want to take a deeper look into some of the ’70s and 80’s philosophies, you could see how a lot of what the characters resembled what our education and social system valued and deemed as successful, sexy, handsome and powerful back then. 

It was the American Dream, Leave it to Beaver, the Brady Bunch, Archie, Laurence Welk kind of thinking in my eyes and I hated it. 

Their version of a hero was out of my reach due it only looked like white males who had power, money and or some exclusive technology. As a young Black kid that was not me, I could not relate.


DC’s the Swamp Thing

So, I gravitated from their version of a traditional hero to other characters that were not perfect, but they were a hell of a lot easier to connect with than the GM Models (no I do not like GM cars. Used to like the Cadillac Brand, but they are so far behind that it is just dumb as to why they have taken this long to move away from Ma and Pa Smith).

Swamp Thing, was the craziest character that I read about back then. This guy (yes a white guy) died and became part of the swamp and had amazing powers due to the swamp. 

Then there was Power Man and Iron Fist. Urban guys who took care of the community. 

Then there was ROM the Space Knight. The dude was an alien guy in a suit and traveled through space and time. I could get with this. 

Marvel’s Power Man and Iron Fist

Then DareDevil. The dude was blind and had made martial arts skills. 

The Hulk was just cool to read about a dude that had serious anger problems and had a clinical DSM-III disorder that he used to his strength.  

Finally, there was the Silver Surfer who could do anything and had the Power Cosmic. He could travel faster than any super being, could scan your weakness, adjust the environment to work against you, did not need food, water or bathroom breaks, and had powers that were off the charts. BADASS!

These characters were huge in my foundation. They were some of the cornerstones of what I believe was cool and what should be in a comic. 

ROBOTECH – Oh, then there was Robotech and that whole thing got me so twisted up that I would twitch and giggle when it came on. I never missed a Damn episode when I was in 5th grade and I must have watched that thing two or three times. But, that level of creativity changed me.

So, when I made the SN Brand and the Judgment Comic, my original thoughts resonated around a character that was not the normal perception of America. He was smart but his smarts did not impact his great powers. Almost nothing he had or would become or be equated to his greatness from his previous life, economic or socio-economic condition. The only thing that I would say migrated over from his original self was his love for his kids and his immense focus on their safety and desires for them to be happy and successful based off of their definitions of success.

This was sort of me throwing my real-life desires for my kids into the story. My story as I mentioned was not the picture-perfect story. So, I made sure that even though I was in a crappy marriage, I made a promise that I would make sure my kids were able to know success and happiness even though I did not have it. It was my goal that they never venture down the emotional and relationship struggles that I encountered. 

The SN Brand of Hero that I am defining is not laced with traditional super-powers in the sense of brute force, technological skills, gadgetry or powers from an alien ring or craft. He would have skills and powers that came from a higher being and would be based on how he communicated with this higher being at first. So, yes they are off the charts and they make no sense to the human world.

Yea, you could say a Shazam or some other character resembles this, but I tried to stay clear of a lot of that type of character presentation.

DC’s Shazam

In my world, we play with the spiritual side of the planet and we deal with how God would provide a human or extraterrestrial beings greatness and significant powers to carry out insane missions while in His service.

The Judgment character is pretty heavy in spiritual power and Biblical references. Some of his powers are directly from what specific books in the Bible. 

An example is The Full Armor of God in Ephesians 6:10. If you read this verse, in any version or translation, it talks about how you have to figuratively put on specific garments and gear in order to do battle with rulers, authorities, and powers. That example is not an example of one type of force, but different levels of power or progressions of evil that you have to deal with. In this case, they are levels of bosses that you have to battle in order to be successful. 

This specific focus on defending against something talks highly of the power and influence that the forces of evil have upon this world. 

We all know the climate in 2019 with the issues of people shooting random people and causing significant chaos. We know what they tell us about the world stage and how the struggles for freedom and land where they can be free of violence is so crucial that people will do amazing things to get this peace. 

To me, these forces of good and bad are around us at all times. They, directly and indirectly, influence our world to either take us down to another realm of pain, misery or provide us with a glimpse of freedom and peace with immense sacrifice.


So, to wrap it up, the SN Brand of Comics is different with its first title, Judgment, because it is a focused comic on the fourth dimension or the spiritual realms all around us and how they impact our lives on the daily.

In a nutshell, we made our first comic series that deals with the spiritual realms, good and bad and our focus is on how we see these battles and forces of good and evil do their work within our natural realms and the spiritual ones as well.


All that to tell you this…

I made the first comic called Judgment the Calling in 1996. I wrote about the concept and it just took time to develop the thoughts and the ideas that surrounded it.

The comic was like nothing that I had read or heard about and I did not have the knowledge to do the things that I am doing now to push it forward.

Judgment the Calling is not about you getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost or you learn more about the Christian Faith. In fact, it is comic about what I believe to be a way that the spiritual forces around us interact and try to impact our lives on the daily.

The comic is meant to be “rough” and not a pretty gospel choir kind of picture book. I wanted to comic to be very real and to reflect the problems that I had, others around, talk about the pain of losing and gaining love; the problems that life, money, sex, drugs, lust, and power can bring upon you if you are not grounded.

What I mean by grounded, is you are mature enough to know right from wrong and you have a way to decipher the voices in your head as good and evil.

The comic is going to become my life’s work. By that I mean it will be the things that I do. I have laid on this thing for a number of years, written tons of stories and collected a crap ton of artwork that I will display, sell and place on merchandise.

If you become offended and feel that I am wrong, you as many others are welcome to your opinion and I have learned to respect that. I just do not have to acknowledge it or be part of your beliefs. Remember, it’s a comic!