Intro to some of the cast of characters

My goal is to introduce you to my vision of a comic that has been on my heart for over 23 years.

It is not meant to save you, convert you, give you epiphanies of things that need to be done in your life (well if that happens then cool). But, it is just a comic that I believe has a unique twist on how Heaven and Hell deal with us and each other.

Some of the characters from The Calling


Here I have given you a little insight as to how things look in my comic mind. Here is a panel from the comic itself, then there is Sin and Sentinel pictures, which were made by some rock stars that I meet a number of years ago.

Sin was drawn by this super talented Mormon kid (forgot his name) more than 20 plus years ago while I was in the Art Institute of Dallas. I think I gave him $20 or $40 bucks and he said he did it over a bowl of Cheerios or something for breakfast. Sentinel was drawn by Hank Jiang, a character artist (back then, I am not sure where he is) from Rock Star Games, the makers of Grand Theft Auto. The panel was drawn by my second artist at the comic named Lee Oaks.

All these guys are amazing in their own right and I am just fortunate to run into them and they could figure out what I was going after.

So what’s the point?

Well, I plan on introducing this SN Comic Universe to you the Internet Community and grow my ideas and visions of this genre of comic.

I have a plan to introduce the comic slowly and then provide products like hardback graphic novels, T-shirts, clothing and eventually motion comics and animated shorts.

Sure it’s a big, huge endeavor. But, you sort of got to draw a line in the sand and say, “Nope, no more waiting, no more thinking. It’s about doing and making mistakes going forward.”

In addition, here is some of the gear that I have in mind that I am producing. This is from a super creative group of artists that I met a number of years ago. I actually made a couple of these for my kids and some friends had a lot of requests but decided to shelve it and wait until the proper time.

After 23 years, I guess its that time.