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For me I was like most people, you have a dream or some thought of what would be cool, or what you would like to see in a comic, or cartoon, and you wish and wish. Well, I stopped wishing and started putting ideas to paper, networking, making. a”ton” of mistakes, spending lots of money, and I just kept trying to make it work.

I was a comic, and cartoon kid. I read ROM A Space Knight, Swamp Thing, The Mad Adventures of Captain Klutz, watched Heavy Metal I &II, watched G-Force, Robotech, and was awed by cartoons like Rock-n-Rule. The crazy creativeness of those developers back then oozed out character. But, I feel something happened to that crazy level of creativity.

I always wanted more story than I was getting, and the big comics and power cartoon producers were just too…well commercial. So, in 1996 I did something about it. 

At that moment in 1996, I dreamed a dream, and out of faith moved forward to do it, and it cost me. It cost me my first marriage, my credit, money, put me in debt, homeless for a time, and working countless jobs. But, I held onto it. I carried my dream around for 25+ years until I was ready to put it out there again and go for it. 


With a voice in my head, it started. No, really! It was a voice in my head that said, “Lance, make a comic book about heaven and hell and how 4th-dimensional being fought over our souls and our bodies.” With something like that rattling in your mind, you realize it probably was not random, and I should do something about it.

…it was a voice in my head…


As a one-man writing wrecking crew, I contract out all the other stuff that needs to be done in order to develop the ideas from thought to paper, or digital. I use a lot of third-party services like; Artstation, Twitter, Fiverr, and even Craigslists. 

…original Judgment pic from 1997, I got this done while I was at the Art Institute of Dallas

I study a lot of material before I put these things on paper. The reason why I do that is that it is one thing to make something like this up, but it is another to have truths and real-world information woven into the story to add another layer of creative storytelling.


  • The Messenger
  • The Calling
  • The Crossover
  • The R.O.A. (republic of America)
  • Starship Jax
  • IRM (To snare a cape crusader)
  • Other titles and stories in the works…


If you want to reach out, ask, inquire, or whatever, here is how to reach me.

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