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 It started with a voice in my head. No, really! It was a voice in the my head that said, “Lance. Make comic book about heaven and hell and how 4th dimensional being fight over our souls and our bodies.”

With something like that rattling in your mind, you realize it probably was not random.

SN is a one man wrecking crew. I have held on to these thoughts and dreams for a while and it is time to let them out so people can read what I have to say.

I study a lot of material before I put these things to paper. The reason why I do that is because it is one thing to make something like this up, but it is another to have truths and real world information woven into the story to add another layer of creative storytelling.


How many comics are there, and what are they about?

The Messenger

The Messenger is the Prequel to all of this. I wrote it after the Calling and it was about 90% done back in 2000. But, I need to update it and do some tweaking on it.
1st in the series

The Calling

The Calling is like the Star Wars of the series. It is the the middle of the story and sets the stage for all the action to come.
2nd in the series, 1st one written

The Crossover

The Crossover is probably the one that I get excited over the most. It introduces break out characters on both sides and introduces us to the Alasians (Alien super race).
3rd story

What can you expect from Secular Nought?

There are a lot of stories but there are some break out stories that introduce a whole level of story that weaves through the Judgment series.

Super excited about these stories because they are so deep and the take you somewhere else, but you have to remember that it is all the same timeline.

I love T-shirts and hoodies, so that is one of the many items that the site will carry.

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