Rabbits, TOOL, and Sea Walking to solutions

When life is crazy…just go for a walk, and let the fish figure it out for you.

Once again I am solving problems with my little company, and I happen to play some music to get me to relax and get in the mood. TOOL – that sounds good. 

Yes, brothers listen to Maynard and TOOL. But, it was a choice encounter that led me to the freaky dudes who made/make some of the most iconic music in the last 20 years. 

The Rabbit Hole

For me, TOOL is the opportunity to dig into the “GRUNGE” of my thoughts and dig deeper with the message and the storyline. Along with my TOOL collection is RATM (Rage Against the Machine), RUSH (Ohhh….Yeah), Nonpoint, Led Zeppelin, Def Tones, Marylin Manson, Helmet,  Godsmack, RadioHead, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Jimmie Hendrix, and throw in some Sly and the Family Stones among others is the choice of my listening pleasure when I go down the Rabbit Hole. Yes, I have my Hip Hop, and some Classical bones in there as well, but those are for other creative functions. 


But, why in the hell and I am telling you all this?

Because, when you solve problems look at some of the influencers that are within your reach to get “shit” done. 


My problem…finally making some money on ALL this art, stories, products, and stuff. So, what did I figure out? Subscriptions. Yep, I have enough material to start making this thing monetize, and I needed a way to solve my dilemma.

(sketch of character development)

So, I turned up the tunes, and played them just low enough for me to hear them, and just loud enough for me to feel the bass guitar, and drum. Once I started, a short time later guess what? Eureka….WooCommerce shows up in my thoughts and Subscriptions are a simple plugin for my existing site. BOOM!

But, I am no web developer nor do I even resemble a guy who wants to be. So, I am solving the next issue in my mind, FIVERR, or bite the bullet and figure the thing out in one day and get it up and running? You guessed it, I am going to figure this thing out, put the subscription up and let this thing ride. 

So, as I venture further out into the deep water, I have learned not to look down, because there is really scary stuff in the deep water. So, what I am doing is learning to do some SEA WALKING and see “it” before “it” sees me.  


The only other issue is price. What do you charge for something that you would like to work, pay you a little money, and hopefully make it affordable as well as sustainable? Well, I guess that is what being a business owner /developer is all about. 


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