A Comic Solution – Illustrated Novel Project

ANTON LOMAEV’S ‘MOBY DICK’, The Illustrated Novel Example.

Took some time off to move across the country, get some connections started with overseas artists, and figuring out how to make this thing happen.

One of the ways that this comic is going to happen is to NOT DO MANGA. WHY? Why would you not do Manga?

Well, here is the deal, I like the style, I like comics, but I decided that those can’t be the only formats that I can select from. So, I am going my own path, and those artists that I am in contact with know that this is not the norm, this is not DC, Marvel, Image, or the BIGS, this is a very nimble company that is setting out on its own path with no map.

If I was to compare what we are trying to do with a company, then everyone would point to Tesla or maybe AfterShock Comics with its IP potential. But, I am not here to name drop or rub one out for some praise and likes, this is a mission to do what I think is cool, and to let you the readers and viewers see my world the way that I want.

The reason I am choosing this format is to take advantage of a number of items; 1) I like to write and tell the reader about the universe that I created. 2) There is no way that I can have an artist break down into drawing as to what I am trying to write about. 3) Most artists want me to break down the novel into storyboards and give them a script of where the viewer should be looking, lighting mood, and so on. The list can go on, but that is the main issue that I have.

The Year of Beasts

by Cherie Castellucci

The number 3 point is what really stood out to me. A number of very good artists and firms want me to storyboard the images that I want and then give them the exact shot to animate. No! There is no way that I can do that and focus on ALL of the aspects of this thing.

This thing, this comic, this illustrated novel, business, animated entertainment is slowly growing and becoming bigger than I even thought.

But, that is just a quick insight into what is going on with SN these last couple of months, and the direction that we are shiting to.

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