Comics! Kidstuff or misunderstood mode of communication?

Art, comics, products, and making crazy images in your mind reality are the things that can get you committed and labeled.

Jack Napier or The Joker is highlighted as a mad insane man in the DC Batman world. Or, is he a misunderstood, misrepresented talented man who was driven crazy with the ideas in his head? Chew on that, and we can have another conversation on that later.

When you step out of your comfort and take a shot at your dreams and desires, you find out “REAL” quickly that there is another level of work. Currently, me taking a step into making comics the way that I want has led me to connect with people in Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and a ton of countries in between.

…there is a level of performance, and a level of precision with the art that I have come to admire…

Why? Because there is a level of performance, and a level of precision with the art that I have come to admire and want in my comic, manga, graphic novel, or whatever the term is called. There is an imaginative style that they have, and I want in my stuff.

But, there is a level of organization that I am learning that I must have. In order to do this, I need to shed the way I did things before and learn to create, develop, implement, and coordinate ideas in a certain way in order for my vision to have life. In order for my ideas to live, it will allow others to see what I have had in my mind for over 20 years.

I need to lose the way that I thought about comics, animation, manga, graphic novels, and whatever in order to do produce something that makes a scratch, a divot, and eventually a crater in this industry.

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