The Next Level of SUCCESS – is more work

Storyboards! The Manga artist that I am working with need the writing in a storyboard format! WTF!

So, now I am on a quest to try and solve this problem with a real solution that will provide clarity for my future endeavors.

I have no problem with the artist’s request, this is a new medium, and I need to adhere to what they need. I also realize that what I want, and where I am going is not the same path as other artists with their works. I am not going to a publisher, I am not going to Kindle (screw them), I am not going to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Unlike those that go that route, they depend on the algorithm, marketing, and traditional ways of doing comics and books. I have learned through the 20 years of looking in, and around the industry that there are very few that get past first base, and I believe that is designed. But, that is another story.

…sheep with no fence, or creators, and developers listening to what they say…

So, the next level is to do things the way that I have seen work in other areas, and other markets. But, what I am not going to do is to do what the masses have done for years, and be sheep and go through the gate when there is no fence.

In closing, when I was younger I knew a professor who was there when Microsoft bought Hotmail, I knew a guy who was there when Siemens bought Efficient Networks (DSL Modem), I saw how riches were lost by contracts, and pens. But, I noticed the things that all brazen people had in common…they went their own way, made their own rules, and made the industry notice them.

There is no map on this journey, there are only uncharted paths, and roads. But, I have a machete, and a KIND BAR, so I am good.

Oh yeah….if you know of anybody that is a good storyboard artist, send them my way, I would LOVE to talk to them.

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