The Calling REDUX

Main character

Well, it is going to happen. I have connected with the Manga Artists, and am in talks with these folks to produce the updated version of Judgment…The Calling.

That means that the art will look more modern, hip, cool, and as always written the way that I feel it needs to be written. It will hold a lot of the design and character development that I have always wanted, but could not identify back so many years ago.

Back then I had a big vision as to the way the comic should look, and how it needed to be drawn. But, I could not make it happen with the circumstances that were upon me (divorce, homelessness, low paying job, etc.).

Think of it this way, ever had that old SR-71 sitting in your hangar, and you had to wait to use it due to things that were out of your control? Welp, this is one of those things for the Secular…Nought. Just had to wait to make it happen.

We are starting the process to work with our Manga team and it should be a blast. I have been in contact with them for over a couple of months, and we are just finalizing some details, and getting ready to do some work.

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