Yes, Covid-19 is a pain in the ARSE!

Covid-19 is a disease and it can kill. But, we are killing each other and doing more damage than the disease can.

The 2020 Reality

Well, let’s talk all about how things are and what they are going to become. Covid-19 is a MudderFudder and it is messing up the program. 

If you are working, working from home, unemployed, hustling or doing what you have to do, things are not the same and we are not in Kansas anymore (good). To me this means there is not a “norm” anymore – Fear is here and we have to learn to live with it. 

I made a character named Fear / Legion back in the day to depict how people’s power and their strength are given over to FEAR when they do not understand something or there is just a lack of knowledge and the ability to gain that knowledge to make a rational decision or to gather the necessary info to get clarity. With this Covid-19 racing around…FEAR is rampant and it has people scared and snapping and biting at one another. 


For now since my FEAR Image is incognito, I will share with you the Death image that was created to address this kind of stuff. 

Now, everyone has about the same image or the same idea about this character and his purpose. He is the Sandman, he is the gatekeeper to the underworld and so on. But, this dude / demon or being is running rampant all over the world in our HEADS. 

When I say in our heads I do not mean that this is all made up and Covid-19 is not real. No, what I am saying is that we as a species are fighting amongst one another, plotting, planning and using viruses and pandemics to shape our future. Not a very cool thing to do. 


When I made the character called Legion, he was taken from the Book of James and the exorcism of the man at Gerasene. Here, the Legion appeared and was able to do incredible things to this dude who was chained up until the J-Man (Jesus) comes through and cast the demons out. 


Look, fear is real and diseases and this kind of shit is real. But, the thing that we have to understand and one of the real reasons that I made SN and the Judgment Comic was to show folks that yes it is entertainment, but, the stuff that is in the world and the is in the 4th dimension and that is all around us can play with us and manipulate us if you let it. 

We as a race of HUMANS have got to be strong and not pray on one another. We have got to come together, help one another out and see the beauty in life and understand that we are in the area of major change and if we are AWARE of what is going on, we can dictate how we want to be changed due to our desires and demands. 

Stay strong, and know that you are stronger than what THEY SAY.

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