2020 SN

Leaps and Bounds

With a new year comes hope, desires, dreams and the many goals that we all set forth. Many of us will make them and many will fall flat on our faces, but with a great effort. So, what does that mean for SN?

First and foremost is the comic. We plan to complete the motion comic and then redo the whole damn thing and make it more up to date with the current technology. 

If you are old enough to remember Star Wars when it first came out back in the late ’70s, it was a fricking amazing technological masterpiece. It was cool, new, creative and was the introduction to Darth Vader. Clearly one of the best villains of the history of entertainment. But, it was made in the ’70s. Man, times have changed. 

Much like Avatar, which was light-years in the creative scale compared to the old Star Wars, but its technology just took us to another creative and production scale level.

Well, that is what we are aiming for, our next big technological leap. 

The previous comic was made back in the early 2000s, with around a $2,000 budget. Well, if we keep the same amount of money (give or take a few grand), increase the technology and the software, we should be able to increase the products initial concept to what I desired to have it back in the early days of creating this thing (original concept 1996). 

Hoodie 2.0 revamp / Merchandise

The hoodie is a product that I ‘really’ like. I love hoodies and feel this is one of the items that I must nail on a personal and professional level.

The current design and roll-out of the first hoodie was successful. It was sublimated perfectly, the prints and designs were great and it was a success based on the capabilities of the manufacturer. But, my goal for the hoodie is different and I know that I need to find people that can make my desires come true. 

Did the previous manufacture do a bad job? No! They did an amazing job. But, this is the first version and it has allowed me to say we could do so much more with this product. 

So, back to the drawing board to get the image and the ideas out of my head and into reality. 

In addition, we are looking into beanies, socks and a couple of versions of shirts for the brand. The cool thing with this is that we have a ton of art that is sitting around and a lot of talented people out there that could make it freakier than we even think.

Magic Show

With the growth that we have in mind, it is going to take us a herculean type of effort to complete the comic, do the revisions on the hoodies, introduce socks and beanies and then market it.

I made a reference to the Magic Show. Well, this is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to apparel. The desire is to attend the Magic Show in Vegas in 2021 thus putting our brand on notice to the rest of the Internet and possibly the communities we desire.


Stay tuned…

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