The SIN Hoodie

One item at a time

Our SIN Hoodies are in. Wait! Your asking, “…who in the hell is Sin and what is a hoodie with ‘It’ on it supposed to symbolize?” I’m glad you asked Nancy.

Sin is the first hoodie in the SN Collection of Character Hoodies. Sin was first because when I started this thing back in the early 2000’s I tried my hand at the consignment t-shirt world and he was one of the best selling.

Do people like scary things

I have no idea. But, between Sin and Judgment, they were my best selling t’s, but they never brought in the sales that I wanted. After playing with him in different realms of clothing and garments I came across specific types that he/they would sell well in. So, I made it a point to set up the hoodie collection with my strongest characters and then bring in the ancillary ones over time.

For those who are not familiar

For those who do not know Sin is the leader of the Forces of Evil and he is the general and the leader of all things bad, evil, and of the noises that go bump in the night. He takes orders only from the Devil himself and he is the big dog in the evil spectrum.

So, with all that, we are happy to let those of you who are interested know that the Sin Hoodie is available on the SN Site and the Etsy site (we are going to try this out and see what it is about). 

…thanks and talk to you soon

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