Cat is out of the bag

Welcome to Fantasy Island

If you ever had a chance to see that tv show from the late 70’s early 80’s then you need to Google it and see what it was about.

Basically, people come to this island to have their fantasies revealed and for them to live them out (non-sexual of course, it was on ABC and considered a family show).

But, the reason for me bringing this RANDOM thing up is this, if you can not dream big then your vision or dream is not worth a damn.  

This comic, site desire and or dream that I have is something that I have carried with me for a while and it is now a labor of love or a fantasy for me to make it a reality.


Okay, the site is about 60% done. Meaning, I had some solid super talented developer (Zach Martin) hook up my backend and made the WooCommerce site all functional. 

The other 40% is all about the comic, products, design, connectivity towards very basic advertising and some Social Media parts that I need to connect to (yuck).

Nope! No Crowdfunding

So, at one time I was sort of thinking of doing this crowdfunding campaign so I could raise the money and then design the comic with the resources needed. But, I realized that I am not a fan of that method anymore and it does not appeal to me. 

I will use cars again as an example. If you are a mechanic and you need to get a shop, you sort of figure out where you want your shop, do the taxes, real estate, government paperwork, and licenses and figure out exactly what it is going to cost to set up your dream. 

But, realize there are only a couple of options that you could use in order to secure that dream. 

  1. OPP – Other people’s money with stipulations connected to it
  2. Loans – interest and someone holds the deed
  3. Parents, family and or friends – partners that are very close and that know you really well
  4. Use the tools that you got and grow it debt-free and organically

Option 4 is where I am at. I know there are tons more options and variables but let’s just play simple and move on.

Fruit vs. Veges

Now I get it about Crowdsourcing and how to put together a package to possible investors so they could give you money for a project and then you give them some type of equity in with a product or something of that nature. Yeah, I get it, but it sounds backward. 

I do not feel it is necessary to build an offering to give to someone about your project when you are trying to develop a project to sell and make a profit on it.

For me, I just developed products that are associated with my goals, and adjust the pricing to reflect the seed that I need and give them (visitors and customers) a product that will give me finances and allow them to have a bit of my vision. 

I could be totally wrong with this my assessment and miss the boat. Yep, I am aware of that. But, regardless, I will still be moving and on my way to my goal and in control of my own decisions. 

Either way, the journey is the thing that you remember and that is what I am looking for…a great and epic journey.

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