Interactive and leaning that way

A look into the Interactive comic world

I have been stuck the last couple of days and weeks looking into ways to put my work out there onto an already crowded and talented stage. With artists, developers and publishers pushing their content, I have been sort of stepping back and watching and learning. 

Competing against deep pockets

I know I cannot compete with the deep pockets of the comic industry. But, I am a small company so I can move pretty fast and change if and when I need to.

My decision is to not go the traditional publishing route. Instead I will go digital and not charge for the comic is online.

What in the hell is wrong with this guy?, you may be asking. Well, see it from this example.

Insane or not 

Print-based comics need a place to sell. Correct me if I am wrong. Is the traditional model of publishing like the gas engine in an electric engine world? 

Print-based comics lose any interactive or creative edge once they leave the tablet, screen or computer. Once they leave the electronic medium they are like most paper products, outdated

The digital side of the interactive side is much more robust. Here I can put in my vision for the comic; sounds, motion, voice-overs, special effects, interactive play, and 2D and 3D ability.

Wait! What?

Yes! I can infuse my comic with 3D specific tools, thus allowing me to create an environment that has the opportunity

Unity and Panoply 

I ran across some software and a couple of examples of the Unity Software just about floored me when I saw it in use. I know the product has been out for a little bit, but I am a little late in the game and now I am catching up really quick. 

Link: Unity Software – Protanopia Comic

The whole motion with the comic and the ability to become a 3D effect floored me.

If you look at the product and the software and then look at the whole opportunity, you could do some incredible things with this platform that could be pretty spectacular for small guys like myself. 

As I said before…size can help and hinder

It does not matter if you have the most amazing comic in the world. If your voice is drowned out then you will only be a whisper in all the noise. 

In order to be taken seriously I have to take steps to make my dream come true. I am going to bet on the digital world and fight the big dogs through tech.

Next Steps

I am in the contact mode for trying to get some questions answered from some Unity Panoply Developers. In addition, I am contacting A-Level artist for some extra work to be done on some of the characters. 

It should be an interesting ride.

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