Next Level…ish

When creating your dreams,

you gotta believe that you can

stand out in a crowd.


Keeping up with technology; how your site runs, making posts, checking different platforms and getting all that stuff developed sucks. 

I really do not like it and it TOTALLY takes away from what I like to do. But! It is a necessary evil until I can get this thing launched and flying by itself.

New Site

Prior to this site I used guys from India (Capital Numbers). They were pretty good but I found what I wanted cheaper somewhere else.

I actually found my new talent on site. The tech looks good, let’s see if the creative talent side matches up. 


I want from my little comic company is uniqueness in design with the comic, merchandise, story and creative vision.  I want the products to be an expression of my passion for this stuff.

One of my goals is to create toys, socks, hoodies and tees as my core merchandise for the ecomm site. 

Now I know what you are thinking. Graphic tees and toys? I believe comic apparel is made with the intent of mass distribution little to no regard for wearability. 

It is one thing to slap Calvin Klein’s license on some products and wear them. In other words, if you want to stand out and be more than another cog in the wheel, you have to be different.

Attractive and soft

I have been working with my screen printer on just this theory. I asked her about what I want to do. She knows I am interested in high-quality products that look good and are comfortable.

I really believe Marvel and DC apparel resembles how the US car manufactures used to create worthless cars down our throats. We did not have a choice as one of the cogs in the machine.  

I have to be as creative as a  Tesla, ICON or Fisker and make items and products on my terms. 

How in the hell is that possible

Eating oatmeal every day for breakfast can fill you up. It’s not exciting.


Understand, I am not against the Quaker Oats folks or the other brands when I make that comparison. I like oatmeal with a lot of stuff in it, fruit, granola and all that stuff just for your information. 

Being Nimble

I want to stay nimble and create products that capture the essence of this vision. In order for me to do that I have to challenge myself against normalcy.


Comics are the other medium that many people really do not give a lot of credit to. The world is reading differently. It is with the identification of images, colors, and shapes vs. pure literary works. Comics and written text have their place.

Notably, there are so many top-notch comics, writers and developers out there who are trying to get it done. I am no different. in grinding with them and trying to make mine creative vision as well. I believe the direction I took away from “Normalcy Parkway” is the correct turn. It will pay off over time.

stay tuned….

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