Small comic producers can equal the playing field with the use of 3rd parties and Internet technologies.

Technology is the equalizer when dealing with David vs. Goliath

Like many of us who desire to create our own brand or to make something unique and special, we are sometimes limited to the avenues that we can use. 

If it is comics and you are trying to get it printed and use the distribution channels of Diamond, Marvel, Image and all the other Goliaths out there, well then you are going to have to be something that is so unique that the world rushes to your door and breaks it down or kidnaps you.


Think of it this way, we will use basketball. There are 1000’s of great basketball players in the US and around the globe. In the big cities and in the industrial places of the world, kids hone their craft for a shot at success to either get into college or make it to the next level as a pro.

Lose Yourself

Eminem rapped about it to a “T” when he came out with his Lose Yourself title. There is one particular part of the song that made me go…”damn!”

…success is my only motherfuckin’ option—failure’s not

Mom, I love you, but this trailer’s got

To go; I cannot grow old in Salem’s Lot

So here I go, it’s my shot: feet, fail me not

This may be the only opportunity that I got…

Whoa! Man, if that does not make you wanna listen to this dude’s song again, not sure what will. 

This is how many young men and women feel with their craft in basketball. They get one shot and they have to kill it when the lights are on if they want to live their dreams. 


Look at Kobe Bryant, Zion Williams, Kevin Garnett, Len Bias, Stacey Augmon, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Williams, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Sherly Swoopes and the list goes on and on.

They had to shine any and every chance they had in order for someone to take a look and a chance to live their dreams. 

In the world of comics, it is no different. There are so many talented comic artists, writers, inkers, Adobe Software personalities and so on. But, how do you fish out the next Eminem, or Barkley, Shaq or Jordan? So, what do “they” look for? What were they looking for when they discovered diamonds in a see of gold and bronze?

Not sure if you can care

I do not know and I cannot care what they were and are using as a criteria to make their selection of talent. But, I can almost guarantee you that they saw something that was so unique that they had to take notice and tell others about it.

I truly believe that the before mentioned people decided to grind out their own story and let their talent speak for itself. The workouts, the tournaments, the competitions, the endless late nights of therapy on their bodies and the continuous grind to perfect their craft and to prove that they were better every time they took the court. 

They stood out amongst their peers and they were able to compete at any level regardless of the competitors, they were there to win.

Technology and success against all odds

As a creator and a guy who sees comics differently, I have to come to the table with my “A Game” every time I sit down and write and or dream something up. I have to have my skills and craft on laser focus in order to stand up against the giants of the comic world. But, I have to not care what they think and say when it comes to conforming to the traditional comic norms. But, I have to be able to hear and be humble enough to accept criticism and use it to my benefit.

The only way I know that I can compete, to be able to get in the game, or move my vision is through the use of technology of the Internet and the developers that live off of it. 

Internet technologies are the equalizer for me and I imagine for a lot of people who grind their desires on comics. The Internet has made it so that you can be seen, discovered, be followed, make money and have the opportunity to be successful from your couch.

Back in the day

I remember when the Internet started with 56k dial-up modems and AOL, and Netscape were the biggest things on the market. Then DSL was the next game changer and companies like 3Com and Bay Networks were industry names and now you they barely register on the remember meter. They are meere shells of what they once were due to technology speed and the Internet and the pace of development.

Okay so what is my point

In order to move and be seen and or to have others appreciate your craft then you have to use the technology in a way that will increase your product, introduce your vision and to allow others to comment through the Internet. 

The best way that I have have had any success is through the services like WordPress, Capital Numbers, Fiverr, Pinterest, PeopleperHr and other developers to assist my vision. 

But, I really believe if you want to be more than just another comic or artist that is lost in the shuffle, your vision has to be bigger than the masses. You have to think and dream the impossible dream and make that dream unattainable. It has to be gross and almost insane enough to warrant you to get clinical help. 

I have started to think like this about 10 years ago and I said, “..if I want to be more than what I am now, then I need to strive to do more than what I believe I can do.” I could not do all the things that I wanted by myself, so I reached out to those other talented folks that could do what I could not and asked for help.

This is nothing new. We have all heard this same crap from Tony Robbins, Steve Harvey, Edward Nightingale, Dale Carnegie and all the people who have inspiration type of programming.

But, why do some make it and others do not?

Don’t know. But, the Internet and the technologies that capable developers can utilize is immeasurable as you pursue your vision, desires and fame. 

For me, in order for me to be anything with my dreams and visions, I have to come to the table every time with my “A” game. I have to put out my best every time I write, create or ask for a product to be done, and when it is complete to introduce it in a way that makes people take notice. 

By using the leverage of the talent service through some of the portals of the above mentioned organizations, I can put a product out that is on par with the Goliaths

Motion Comic

Recently , I went out to Fiverr and asked the talent from there to help me on a Motion Comic idea that I had for my story. I worked with a developer Chris Gooding to take my idea and see what he could do with it. 

Well, the results came back and they fricking scared me. It was better than I thought it could be. In fact, the results were so good, it altered my thinking on how I was going to use, distribute, develop and then monetize the comic for my site. 

I am a newbie at the Motion Comic world. I know there are other titles that do serious work and that some of the A list stars have comics out there, but this was my first attempt as a producer and with the help of a developer who has the skill to work with the necessary software, he took my product and placed if on the same shelf space as there’s. 

That’s the point. I was able to leverage my product with the Internet talent in order to develop a package that could garner the same shelf space as the larger companies.


Do what you love and use as much leverage from other talent to get the product that you want and desire. The Internet is the place where this talent lives and the portals of talent and services are indispensable in your companies growth.  

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