What we know about dimensional stuff

1st Dimension items are a point on a line. 2nd Dimension is the line from left to right and up and down. 3rd Dimension is us, we live with the X, Y, and Z-Axis in our life. So, we can understand and know that there is depth to our 2-dimensional objects. 

Without getting into the world of Physics (I am not the one to explain that stuff), faith and then other sciences, let us understand that we (current people) can interpret 1D-3D Dimensional items in our existence. 4D is a little different and is not something that we are familiar with or have had a lot of interaction with. But, I think we all have and just do not know it. 

Many of us have been involved with, seen or have had an interaction with a 4th Dimension Being in the form of a spirit of some type of entity that you could not explain. 
Many of us have been involved with, seen or have had an interaction with a 4th Dimension Being in the form of a spirit of some type of entity that you could not explain. 

NOTE: While in an Astral Sleep or a Lucid Dream, some people can understand and interact (and remember) that they have met and been in the 4th Dimension.

4th Dimension Example

The 4th Dimension is the encompassing of a 3D World and then seeing through it at the same time. So, an example of this is: take a ball, and a box and place the ball in the box. You know the ball is in the box, but you cannot see the ball in the box. So, if you were a 4th Dimensional Being, you would be able to see the ball in the box, know all the sides of the box and understand what the box and ball are composed of I would imagine. 

In addition, the 4th Dimensional Being would be able to know what the 3D Being is doing at any and all times and the 4th Dimensional Being would never be seen or known from the 3D Dimensional Being unless they had a heightened sense or some gift to notice that dimension.

What that means to the SN Characters

All of the SN Characters within Judgment the Calling title are 4D Beings. Meaning, they can see you at any time, be right next to you and you are never able to see them or feel them. BUT! Some of you could sense them with either your heightened 6th Sense or some other Uncanny X-Men ability you would have.


Judgments ability was given to him through a stressful set of circumstances; his family is being torn apart, his wife was attacked stabbed and critical in the hospital. His employer is sending people to kill him for his experiment. His kids are harmed and angelic beings and a metalloid human appear to give him a proposition. All within a day.

Judgment (Shammus Jackson) is super heightened in his ability to understand the 4th Dimension. He can see, feel, smell, taste, hear, interact, call, remove, touch, punch and whatever else you can imagine. 

Shammus …..confused

His ability to interact with the 4th Dimension is a unique characteristic of the comic. 

All the Judgments (yes there were others) have the ability to interact, manipulate, master, travel and exist in and out of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. This is why they were gifted with the Armor, and provided the unimaginable powers when it comes to these realms.

Judgment fights beings in and out of the 4th Dimension. But, he is so immature in his role and he gets butt handed to him a number of times. He has to learn and gain experience in order to progress through the hoards and levels (Rulers, Authorities, and Powers) in order to bring balance back to the 3rd and 4th Dimensional beings.

Terrorizing Ghost or Spirits 

An example of his powers are as follows: Many people have seen on YouTube (go to 19:00 and watch from there) and heard about the scary stories of beings and ghosts terrorizing humans in the natural realm and humans were just scared out of their fricken minds. Well, that is where this character works, the realms of our world and the 4th Dimension. 

He (Judgment) is able to physically interact, manipulate and a whole host of unimaginable things within this realm. 

NOTE: One of the things that I will discuss at a later date, is how Judgment is able to ascend to the 5th Dimension and some of that realm is revealed to him.

Why the 4th Dimension…why this for a comic?

As a young man, I saw that there were many problems in the world and with men in general. I would see men and sometimes women just get angry and lose their fricken minds and go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. I knew that something wasn’t right and there had to be some explanation. 

I believe that there were many situations in the world that were caused and increased due to the influence of evil onto men through the harmful spirits that were presented to us humans from forces that are designed to kill, steal and destroy us. 

There was no defense for something like this due to many humans believe in only what they can explain through their physical science and what they see. So, in essence, they would not realize or except that there were very bad beings all around them manipulating them to do evil and harm humankind.

We needed an ally that could interact with those beings and take the fight to them.

What About Jesus

Well, What about Jesus you might ask? He was the Son of God and blah, blah, blah….

As I said, this is a comic, this is not Sunday School, or your daily devotional or is it supposed to match up with “any” faith on a 1-to-1 basis.

Just relax and be entertained, its a comic.

Spirit World

Many cultures and beliefs believe that we are spiritual beings in human shells or vessels. Many people believe that there is something beyond us and that interact with us all the time. Only a few of us are sensitive enough to interact with them. 

If that is true (which I believe it is) then that means that the power that our spirit has is very attractive to lower beings who do not have this brilliance or illuminating power. Thus, they are drawn to our power like a  moth to a flame or a light. They want what we have and use any means necessary to gain power and absorb that essence for their gain. 

Wow! Just realized they could be described as a spiritual vampire. Instead of blood, they want your power, your light and for you to fear them so they can suck your spiritual energy to drain you and feed themselves. 

There are countless stories throughout the world, the Bible and other faiths that talk about demons, beings and other entities manifesting within humans or interacting directly with humans and causing some serious chaos.


If you want, look up the Man at Garnesseas, Mark 5:9 and see how they describe the demons called Legion which means (many, or a shit ton of evil). That was a documented case of a dude being possessed by a lot of evil.

Once Again…I’m not preaching

Once again, I am not preaching and or trying to convince you of anything about anything. I do not care what your faith is. We are talking about a comic, and if I must say so, a damn cool comic concept. 

I am just laying the groundwork for a comic that I created and it has some pretty controversial topics that need to have a background before I get into the comic writing and to the down and dirty of what I really want to convey.

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