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Let’s get right into it. 

These character descriptions are for the online version. The graphic novel that SN will produce will have a more detailed version of the “all” the cast of characters. 

Not another comic hero

I really did not want to make a predictable hero. I think that all the superpowers and the brute force is so typical and played out within the superhero genre comic arena.

In the comic world I believe that the writers and the developers had sort of a General Motors type of existence. Same kind of character wrapped in a different package or characters that were only going to be for one cycle and then written off. 

I think graphic novels (disruptors like Tesla was for the car world) were part of the change that made some of the larger developers and publishers wake up and understand that there is something new and people like it. 


These types of companies showed that there is a hunger for something new, creative, visionary and dynamic writing and art. These disruptor types were not the “Buick” or Chevrolets and since they thought out of the box they made amazing products. 

The Watchmen was one of those products. It messed up a lot of comic universes with their publishing and some of the characters made the old school developers wake up and take notice of characters that were so unique that the big titles had to take notice of them. Dr. Manhattan was such a character.

My questions for the big publishers was, why not Heaven and Hell? Why not talk about eternal beings and how they use human existence as a chess board? 

Not angels with wings, demons fighting priest and guys with guns and swords. But, some real stories that make the reader “question.”

I know there have been stories about demons and how Constantine messes with lower level imps and uses spells and incantations to push the lower level guys around, and Dr. Strange deals and messes with some principal based demons, but what else? 

Fourth Dimension

In my mind the fourth dimension is the playing field that overwrites all universes in the comic genre. Du to if you are a being of any level, then you have to be born, hatched or created from the rules that were defined by a higher presence. Or if you were created or appeared, you had to have an origin. 

This higher presence must exist any and all places and that presence must be Omnipresent and Omnipotent with any and all universes.

Another Preacher?

Wait! I am not preaching, just telling you the thoughts and facts that come to my mind.

In all of our cultures and beliefs we have heard of stories; read books, studied through text, learned from our parents, or have heard about a deity that is all powerful and has a significant presence in our lives and culture. 

These stories have to have some validity and they have to come from something or someone. 


Wars, conflicts and issues from our beliefs have decimated this planet. There has to be a real reason as to why people do the things they do when something as simple as a belief can turn words into physical action and destruction of people and places happens.

But, what about the forces behind those stories? What about demons, imps, and the hierarchy of evil? In addition, what about the angelic side of the coin? What about angels, spirits and those entities that are trying to guide you in the right direction?

This is why I made the Secular…Nought Comics. I was not happy that there was not this complex and huge volume of stories of doctrines and faiths that did not have some person or heroes messing around in it as a full-time series.

So, I made it up and wanted to share with the reader how I see the spiritual world and how I envision some of the attributes that are connected to it.

Brown people

Also, one of the things that I do use in this comic is a lot of other nationalities and cultures for people to play the leading roles. Black, Mexican and Hispanic, Italian, Middle Eastern and others along with White characters to make this cultural salad of a comic. 

That being said, I would like to introduce the main characters of Secular…Nought, Judgment – The Calling.


Name: Judgment

Ht: 6’5″

Wt: 360lbs

Water color of Judgment

This is an oil painting of an artist that I happened to meet while in Wyoming.  Great concept and imagination.


Judgment (Shammus Jackson) is a normal family man who was selected to carry the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10…) into battle against the Forces of Evil (F.O.E.). This selection was at a significant price, not just in terms of human value, but of dimensional importance.

More than one

The Judgments are selected since the beginning of time and they are behind the scenes intermediaries for life around creation. They have carried many shields around on their chest (The Cross is for this Earth) and they have had to remain in the shadows of the spiritual and natural realms due to the human and humanoid products were not mature enough in the development of their spirits to handle their presence in existence.

But this time something has changed and the Judgment and the rules have been rewritten. This battle is for the survival of all morality and has dimensional implications for the universe. 


Judgment has received the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10) and has been commissioned to defend the pathways (Voids) from the Rulers, Authorities and against the Powers of these dark worlds.

F.O.E has discovered a way to travel between dimensions and their physical presence on a human plane would bring catastrophic, Armageddon types of calamities if gone unchecked. 

His task is to defend and if needed battle, in any realm the F.O.E. and send them back to their places of origin. 

Since he is human, he has weaknesses and he is vulnerable, but that is to be discussed in the comic

Name: Sin

Ht: 10”

Wt: 4,500lbs


Sin is the ultimate leader of the Forces of Evil (F.O.E, War, Death, and Temptation) and his very presence out of his chambers brings confusion, and chaos into any world or universe. 

He is the culmination of the sin of man or beast. We know him through his low-level tactics of being evil.  But Sin is crafty. He uses manipulation, lying, blackmail, and whatever else he feels like, to make his victims commit sin and alter the timeline to his desires. 

Voids are the key

He is a dimensional being with immense power. In is physical form if he was to pass to a natural realm without a Void would cause confusion on a scale that cannot be described. He could only appear for a short while before he is cast back to his dominion. This is why he is seeking a Void that will allow him to manifest from one dimension to the next.


Name: War

Ht: 8″

Wt: 2500lbs



War is an aggressive spirit that leads other demons and imps to carry out his plans. He appeared on the earth as a conflict within small tribes. But, he grew to have a physical timestamp within human literature. 

But, many of Earth’s origin documents are still lost, and those occurrences that happened prior to the Great Flood are yet to be rediscovered.

War has very few who can equal his strength, knowledge, and power. His forces that reside under him know the power that War holds. Even his own troops have tried to capture the throne he has kept for eons, but none have succeeded.


Name: Death

Ht: 8’0″-13”

Wt: Unknown



Death is a spirit of no hope and mortal sin (suicide). He whispers in the ears of his victims, egging them on to end their lives. By doing this, he also cancels out any plans that God has for them in the future. He prides himself on prematurely destroying life and handing the victim’s loved ones an unbearable situation.

Not sure how powerful

Death is powerful. He is not just a one-to-one direct spirit, but he can release imps and demonic forces into a situation that will cause havoc and chaos. He, insights fear and anger and accelerates the irrational actions of beings to hack on the whispers. 

Death can project any type of voice into your subconscious. Along with this, he and can “hypnotize” people into carrying out or inciting radical and heinous events thus shifting people away from normalcy and into chaos.

Much like Sin and War, his presence is only from what we can decipher from the Great Flood Documents. 


Ht: 9’6″

Wt: Unknown lbs.

Origin: Outer rims of the galaxy


Sentinel is a mercenary. They have a backstory, but his tribe’s whole purpose (Sentry Vreeslose) in life is to protect the Voids; battle demons, Rulers, Authorities, and Principalities (you may want to look up those three words) of the 4th Dimensional Voids.

Plus, when they are not busy they take care of their home planet Primaria, a habitable planet that circles the (bigger than Earth) Great Planet of Jax like a moon.

The folklore about the Sentry comes from a promise of a human mother and a Hybrid type Nephilim father (Maltuse) along with a small group of repenting Hybrid type Nephilim during a period of great stress. There are many people and scholars who only wish they knew and understood who these Nephilim were and how many of them repented under the original Falling. 

But, they are not heartless. They are extremely family-oriented and underneath all the biometal, they are large humanoid beings that love and have families and are very grounded to the planet and are more like the characters in the movie Avatar.

Additional Graphics

Imp in the snow
demon noticing something
demon type walking away

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