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Have you have picked up a hitchhiker and wanted to know their story? Why is that person all the way out here, or what in the hell is this dude got going on? 

Okay, imagine that he Jason from Friday the 13th or that he is a little off. But, just a regular Joe walking down the highway and out in the middle of nowhere.

I wonder that sometimes when I see a person walking on the side of the road with their stuff, a guitar and or just their back pack and a dog or something. Where have they been and where are they going?

One time when I was in Canon City, Colorado we were working as Zip Line Guides (that was one of the funniest jobs I ever did) for this organization and we met a man from Italy, Lorenzo. Lorenzo was a photographer and professional kayaker and he would take these insane pics of people who were going down the white water rafting trips. He would get them in action poses and a lot of pics were of people falling out of the boat and for some reason those sold a lot for him. But, we instantly hit it off and we (my wife and I) would have him over at the house, feed him, let him hang out and just talk to this dude. 

Lorenzo (with his shoulder length dreads) had been traveling for 18 years and he had been gone from Italy since he was 16. WTF? He would tell us stories of his adventures, show us his tattoos (from the bottom of his chin to the last knuckle on his toes) from around the world, show us his picks from Nepal and from parts of Asia that I cannot even pronounce. But, Lorenzo hitchhiked his way around the world. No 9-5. No one to answer to, just freedom and the opportunity to explore and be free and work when he needed. 

Now, he had problems when it came to traveling, but they were not like life threatening or put him in too much danger.

I picked up a hitchhiker a couple of days ago. I gave him a ride and a Sonic Slush and we talked and had a great conversation. He was a guitarist who has been playing for about 20 plus years and was on his way to go and find some work and to get out of the hole he was in. All I did was give him a lift and a drink and listened. 

The opportunity to meet, greet, talk and learn was immeasurable. It opened my eyes to what I believe is an issue for some developers and talent out there. 

Like many site owners, or blogger or whatever you may be, when it comes to talent it can be hard to find and connect with the right people at a price that you can afford. There are a lot of people who travel and hitchhike to make a living and there are a lot of people with dreams and desires to make the next big thing, there is just a talent match that needs to happen or a bridge that needs to be laid.

There are a number of places on the Internet that will allow a hitchhiker to rest, make some money and find a little stability while they do what they want. Places like Deviant Art, Directory of Illustration, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Patreon and a few others are the mainstays of the industry. These beasts cater to the artistic talent world and the “Gig” type of talent. 

That Gig Talent is part of the Gig Economy, which is the new way that they describe the Freelancers of this time and space. But, the most impressive thing about this is, we are seeing a morphing of a type of talent into a real world meaning for talented people who are hitchhiking there way to freedom, or march to the beat of their own drum.

So, understanding this, I thought about what that means for me and my small company. I like hitchhikers or Gig (Giggies) or Gig People, and how can my small company be a part of this thing?

When people travel they get a chance to stay in camp grounds or sometimes in hostels for cheap. So, with a little play on words I would like to create a Gig Hostel where artists or talented individuals (tech dudes as well) that need a place to rest can work out a mutual agreement, or barter for services and space or something.

Now, I am not talking about building an IPO or doing something insane like the cra cra stuff that WeWork is doing (not sure that is going to work). But, a place to work, rest and whatever comes along.

Place your work on a site, stay temporarily, do some work for the host site, host your work, get a reference or make some coin and move on. Not sure how it works, but I would like to flesh this out and make something unique. Not an internship, but something unique.

A great example of this is WWOOF or World Wide Opportunities to Organic Farming. They do some cool stuff and people can see the world.

In my little space on the Internet, I could benefit from a couple of Gigsters, Gig People or whatever the may be called. My needs represent where I am at in my business and where I am trying to go. I can only imagine that there are people out there with skills that match my needs, and there are things that I have that can help them as well.

Gig Help

  • WordPress Developer/PHP and stuff
  • Comic Artist
  • SEO / Marketing person
  • Creative Content person / writer with a specific gift of gab

So, there is my pitch. I would LOVE to hear from you regarding this subject and to hash out something unique and real. If you want to share it, please do.


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