Putting it in motion

SN is the thing that has resonated in my mind for over 20 plus years. It is what I think about when I see something cool or hear a noise. I think of scenes when I hear a song on the radio or I see some kind of art and so on. 

This gift or curse is what I know that I was “Called to do”. To bring something as abstract and controversial as a guy with powers from God to the attention of the comic world.

Yes, there are many heavenly characters out there…but they lack imagination and creativity. I have had to years to see some of these characters and their labels to make the statement that I make. I know what is under the hood of their titles and believe/know my brand will be significant.

But, why is it controversial?

God is as controversial and whether you believe in a higher power or not. This belief of whether or not there is a higher power gives way to religion, versions of religion, profits and then the whole thing of mine is better than yours BS. 

My goal is to entertain and not convert. I do not care what you believe or who or what you worship. I am not selling Jesus, nor am I selling the faith I am introducing my vision of a hero that has specific gifts…that’s it. 

I struggle with my own faith and I struggle with the “Church” and the BS that goes on with it. But, the goal and the focus of this concept is to talk about how the fourth dimension of the known dimensions, that there is a significant universe of amazing and beautiful beings that we have no idea about. Beings that are so powerful that just a suggestion of their presence on Earth in our three dimensions could upset all of humankind and through us back to 100’s, 1000’s or 100,000’s years. 

This thing that I write about is not on the radar screen of everyday conversation. Even in the church or the religious halls, these things are not talked about.

A scene of giants in a battle scene. In many historical texts, there were different sizes of giants.
A picture of Atlantis. Was supposed to be this amazing place. Ancient philosophers talked about this place as if it was New Jersey.

To prove a point, go and ask your religious groups leader about the beginning of the world. Ask them about giants and fallen angels. Then ask about how many civilizations were there before the Flood and what happened to Atlantis? 

Ask just simple things and their answers may have you asking a whole lot of questions. 

There is something here and it is not a scientific topic nor is it as mainstream as it should be. But, regardless of what the world, media, scientist or the various spiritual groups out there, I write about beings in a realm that we hear rumors of and the beings in it are so powerful that it can manipulate our physical lives by just coming close. 

To prove another point; we have all heard of a ghost story, read about demon possession and everyone knows someone who has had some episode with the spiritual realm that has left them confused, scared or understanding that they there is something out there that we do not understand. In fact, there are TV Shows (most of them fake) that talk about investigating these phenomena and how people are unsure as to what it is.

Man Ghost Busters was a hit movie, c’mon…Ghost Busters.

That is the thing that keeps me up at night and dreaming of the stuff that makes me want to write about and bring my vision to light.

Making this SN Brand

The SN Brands first comic is Judgment the Calling. It is a huge message tied up in a little comic that talks about how “everyone” has a Calling in their life. I do not care as to what it is or how important someone thinks it is, everyone has a Calling and it is like a Butterfly effect on one life and another life and how they domino towards the end and they impact one another.

The Calling is a story of how a man is thrust into a super dimensional battle of Heaven and Hell and how this battle will take him to different lands, countries, planets, universes and beyond. This story is the second of the series and the Calling is setup up to how the series goes. 

the SN Logo

Man, it is a huge undertaking and I am so ready for it. Deadend jobs, unfulfilled work, a lot of people in the world that had no business leading me and a number of decisions to a life that sucked, but brought me here. I am just ready to get it on and I know what it is going to take.


The title mentions Focused…My Way. It means that the way that I create this brand is not going to be the same way that businesses have done in the past. I am not the guy who is going to use all the business trending ideas, maps, and professional services and tried and true business models. I am not doing this to be a Forbes 100 business, I am doing this to finally capture my Gifts and my Calling and run this thing like I was supposed to – with reckless and unrelenting passion, creative vision focused on my craft and a no-excuse mentality with limited brakes on this beast.

When I get this thing moving, I am not going to stop it. I am only going to steer it. I believe that I have to crash through a number of neighborhoods in order to get to the open waters to chart my own course. In fact, take any action car chase scene that you want and see how hero or villain will wreck a town, downtown shopping area or some populated area to add an effect of determination. My goal is not to kill anybody, but I will go through some industries and make some noise on my way to the uncharted openness that I need to really make this thing take off. 

Focused. We are going to have to be focused on creating the most original stories that can come out of my brain. We are going to have to focus on creating the best and most appealing, most imaginative graphic arts and pieces that our little side of the industry has seen. We have to operate on our own terms and believe in our own goals in order to create something that is not here.

Many folks say that there is already a Christian comic book market and we are nothing new or industry-disrupting. 

First, we are not writing in Christian markets. 

Early on in my history with SN, I tried to market the comic as a faith-based comic and to communicate to the Mardels and other Christian themed retailers. I sent samples, comics, shirts, and other items in the hope of getting shelf space and a contract. What I got were denial letters and comments that said, “…we are not sure what market to put you in”, or “….we do not have a need for this” and so on. The best one was, “…we do not have a market for this. We follow the secular market in youth apparel and youth entertainment and we do not see this marketed in their markets.” 

WTF!? Are you serious? I had so many letters like that I actually kept them as motivation. I kept all of them up until about four to five years ago and then was like screw them, time to move on. 

Rejection after rejection led me to think, “…well damn, maybe this is not good and I need to rethink things.” It took a number of years for me to start to rethink my thoughts and to brush off that market snafu and think to myself that they missed the boat and I would make them really rethink that decision later on. 

I am not mad at them, just realized big box stores, whether they are Christian or not, do not put their buying powers on untested products. So, I needed to either become a household name or rewrite how I sold my product to customers. I decided to do both, but on my terms and after some years of figuring that out, I am here starting the engine once again. 

Steve Jobs…laser-focused

Never been a big fan of Apple or Steve Jobs, but I have come to recognize how Focused Jobs was. 

Jobs much like many ultra-successful people in the world have this laser point focus on their craft and they let nothing get in their way. 

Jobs was one of these humans that I have started to read and learn more about. “Make it Simple” was one of his focused points that resonates with me in 2019. He was able to focus Apple in the early days into this machine that created and gave the world his vision of tech for the common man. 

Much like Ford with the car, Jobs did the same thing with tech in the hands of the common man. So for me to take all of this blogging, contractor, artist, website designer, agencies, domain names, customers, products, sales metrics and so on is monumental for me. But, I just bounce that saying in my head repeatedly and try to whittle that down to what Jobs said, “…make it simple.” 

But, how can I make it simple? Well, that is the journey that I am going on and you are more than welcome to look over my shoulder as I ramble down the road towards my goal. 

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