All that to tell you this…

I made the first comic called Judgment the Calling in 1996. I wrote about the concept and it just took time to develop the thoughts and the ideas that surrounded it.

The comic was like nothing that I had read or heard about and I did not have the knowledge to do the things that I am doing now to push it forward.

Judgment the Calling is not about you getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost or you learn more about the Christian Faith. In fact, it is comic about what I believe to be a way that the spiritual forces around us interact and try to impact our lives on the daily.

The comic is meant to be “rough” and not a pretty gospel choir kind of picture book. I wanted to comic to be very real and to reflect the problems that I had, others around, talk about the pain of losing and gaining love; the problems that life, money, sex, drugs, lust, and power can bring upon you if you are not grounded.

What I mean by grounded, is you are mature enough to know right from wrong and you have a way to decipher the voices in your head as good and evil.

The comic is going to become my life’s work. By that I mean it will be the things that I do. I have laid on this thing for a number of years, written tons of stories and collected a crap ton of artwork that I will display, sell and place on merchandise.

If you become offended and feel that I am wrong, you as many others are welcome to your opinion and I have learned to respect that. I just do not have to acknowledge it or be part of your beliefs. Remember, it’s a comic!

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