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Thanks for stopping by Secular…Nought (SN).

SN means, Not of this World, and a lot of the comics that I write are slanted towards space, heaven, Hell, the galaxy, and future tech.

I use a lot of real-world tech, I write into my stories other superheroes and call them other names, I write in adult sexual situations, and there is death.

In a nutshell, I write real-world situations with a fantasy twist. But, my goal is to provide the comic world more than just an American Comic. I go all over the world looking for talent to edit, draw, assist with the creation, and develop my ideas. I will use Manga Artists from the Philippines, editors from South Africa, character developers from parts of Africa, artists from Latin America, and creative writers from the US. I go out of my way to make it better, so you can keep coming back. 

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